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Source of Light - Kansas
P.O. Box 149
Newton, Kansas 67114


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Adult Courses

A Country Called Heaven

This course offers basic Bible teaching on Salvation and Christian growth.  A certificate of completion is awarded at the end of the course.A country called Heaven

  1. A Country Called Heaven
  2. What is God Like?
  3. The Way of Victory
  4. The Word of God
  5. When Jesus Comes
  6. Salvation and Rewards
  7. Four Things God Wants You to Know
  8. My Great Savior
  9. A New Family!
  10. A New Person! in Christ
  11. Christ is My Righteousness
  12. Christ Lives in Me!
  13. I Am a Son of God!
  14. Victory over Circumstances
  15. How to Enjoy God!

The New Life in Christ - Course 1

This course is for older teens and adults as a first series of study, teaching Who God Is and how to become personally related to Him.  It does not assume any prior Bible knowledge.

  1. New Life in ChristWhat is God Like?
  2. How Sin Came into the World
  3. Man's Problems and God's Solution
  4. Is Jesus Christ Really God?
  5. The Death of Jesus Christ
  6. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
  7. What Must I Do to be Saved? Part 1
  8. What Must I Do to be Saved? Part 2
  9. How Can I Know that I am Saved?
  10. The Way of Victory
  11. Jesus Christ is Coming Again!
  12. Four Things God Wants You to Know


Light From The Gospel of John

Light from the Gospel of John is an introductory salvation course for teens and adults.  This lesson is a brief study of the Gospel of John, with special emphasis on salvation.  This booklet may be used as an initial contact for evangelism, visitation, mailings, CWinning the Race of Lifehurch visitor's packet, etc.

Advanced Courses

A wide range of advanced courses are available:

  • The New Life In Christ 2
  • The New Life In Christ 3
  • Practical Christian Living
  • God's Great Salvation
  • Winning The Race of Life
  • Basic Bible Truths
  • Fishers of Men
  • The Holy Spirit's Ministry
  • Light From The Old Testament
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