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Kid's Course List

The following are beginning level courses that are ideal for sharing the Gospel and for giving a solid foundation to new believers or Bible students.


See & Do courses are for children aged 4 through 6.  They present Bible truths through well-illustrated Bible stories, including a page to color and a Bible quiz, designed for the parent or teacher to read to the child.  After several readings, the child may begin to read for himself with the help of the illustrations.  A certificate is awarded after each course.

See & Do - Course 1

  1. The Red Wagon
  2. God's Beautiful Garden
  3. The Christmas Story
  4. The Angry Bee
  5. Am I Too Little?
  6. The Best Gift
  7. Granny's Beautiful Home

See & Do - Course 2

  1. Two Birthdays
  2. Tim and the Big Mud Puddle
  3. Tim and Holly Pray
  4. The Dark Night
  5. Frisky the Runaway Pony
  6. Sad and Glad
  7. The Playful Puppy

See and Do


Storytime courses are for children aged 7 and 8.  The lessons are well illustrated.  Each has a short continued story children can easily relate to, and each story teaches a Biblical truth.  Each lesson also has a puzzle page and a quiz or test page.

Storytime - Course 1

  1. The Lost Kitten
  2. Scrappy Shows The Way
  3. The Special Tree
  4. The New Boy
  5. The Best Gift
  6. The Red Truck
  7. Randy & Debbie Go Fishing

Storytime - Course 2

  1. The Exciting Letter
  2. The Grumble Day
  3. The Biggest Apple
  4. The Little Lie That Grew Big
  5. Mr. Meany
  6. Rain, Rain Go Away!
  7. I'm First


Explorers Mailbox Club courses are ideal for those 9 and 10 years of age and those completing the Storytime series.  The lessons are excellent, basic Bible studies for children.  Each lesson has a puzzle page that emphasizes a truth from the lesson.

Explorers - Course 1

  1. What Is God Like? Part 1
  2. What Is God Like? Part 2
  3. Where Did We Come From?
  4. Who Is Our Enemy?
  5. Who Is The Promised Savior?
  6. Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead?
  7. Four Questions
  8. How Can I Become A Child Of God?
  9. Jesus Is Coming Again!
  10. 4 Things God Wants Me To Know

Explorers - Course 2

  1. Jesus Wants Me To KNOW I Belong To Him
  2. Jesus Wants Me To GROW More Like Him
  3. Jesus Wants Me To LOVE Him
  4. Jesus Wants Me To OBEY Him
  5. Jesus Wants Me To TALK To Him
  6. Jesus Wants Me To Have VICTORY In Him
  7. Jesus Wants Me To HELP OTHERS Know Him



Overcomers is for children aged 10 through 12 who have completed the Explorers courses.  It is geared for believers, explaining Christian victory in a manner most people can understand.


  1. I Have a Great Savior!
  2. I Have a New Family!Overcomers Mailbox Club
  3. I am Forgiven & Loved!
  4. A New Person in Christ!
  5. I am IN CHRIST
  6. Christ is My Righteousness!
  7. God's Greatest Gift
  8. My Gift To God
  9. Christ or Self?
  10. Christ is My Life!
  11. God's Great Plan
  12. Christ's Treasure
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