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Source of Light - Kansas
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Newton, Kansas 67114


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Discipleship Ministry

If you'd rather have the enrollment cards come directly to YOU so that you can mail out the lessons, and involve your members in the discipleship of the students, you can apply for status as a Discipleship Ministry.  We will work with you every step of the way to help your volunteers build a successful Bible Correspondence ministry of your own.  Instead of sending us the lessons for grading, your students return the lessons to you!  In this way, your Church has personal, hands-on opportunities to draw new believers and new friends into your congregation.  Distribute enrollment cards easily as part of your normal ministry outreach, including:

  • Jail ministryStart your own school
  • Hospitality ministry
  • VBS, AWANA, and other children's ministries
  • Sunday School outreach and follow-up
  • Church Visitor's packets or welcome letters
  • Food pantry
  • Nursing Home ministries (large print course available)

As your members "Go into all the world" they can simply invite others to learn more about God in a non-threatening way right in their own home.

You can also use our Bible courses in your Sunday Schools and small groups.  WWLit materials are available for even deeper study in God's Word. If you would like more information contact us today!

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