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Source of Light - Kansas
P.O. Box 149
Newton, Kansas 67114


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Light Keepers

Sign up as an individual or as a Church, Sunday School Class, or other ministry to become a Light Keeper.  You will be assigned a unique ID number that you place on Bible Study enrollment cards (available from us or you may design your own).  Then simply hand out the cards as the Lord leads you!

  • Hand them out on visitation
  • Provide them to Church visitors and new converts
  • Place them in convenient locations around town
  • Become a Light KeeperUse them in your outreach and follow-up ministries
  • Hand them out at fairs, malls, etc.
  • Leave a few in truck stops, rest areas, and tourist locations
  • Place in phone booths, restaurants, hotel rooms
  • Create a "we care" letter, enclose an enrollment card, and ask members to mail them to 5 people out of the phone book each week, praying for prepared & receptive hearts
  • Enclose an enrollment card inside each tract you distribute
  • Your opportunities are endless.....

As a Light Keeper, the return address on the enrollment card is Source of Light Kansas.  When we receive the card, we take note of your ID number on the card, record it & send out the first lessons, and we notify you of the name and address of the response for follow up.  In this way, you can continue your personal follow-up with them.  Watch the excitement build in your Church as you see how God uses your efforts! For more information about becoming a Light Keeper, please contact us.

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