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Source of Light - Kansas
P.O. Box 149
Newton, Kansas 67114


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Effective Outreach

You can use our materials to effectively meet your ministry goals. One of our primary goals is to assist the local Church enhance her Evangelism and Discipleship outreach through the use of our correspondence courses.  By becoming a Light Keeper or establishing a Discipleship Ministry, you can provide a great opportunity to both your church and community.

Proven Potential

Source of Light correspondence study courses have proven to be very effective when used for evangelism and discipleship.  They are used for individual study and almost every type of group or class study imaginable.  One ideal use is as follow-up material to your existing ministries. 

We'll be more than happy to visit with you about the various ways Source of Light materials can become an exciting ministry tool for your Church or ministry.  Simply give us a call or contact us today!

We can help you with effective outreach

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